Poaching and habitat loss are two of the largest threats to the existence of natural wildlife in Africa today. It is estimated that between 250 000 and 1 000 000 Scaly Anteaters are poached each year in Southern Africa alone. At this rate, their extinction is imminent - perhaps before the next Olympic games, these gentle creatures will only be known by data in textbooks and historical documents. Currently, the global elephant population is left at 1% of the population that is was 100 years ago. Similarly, there are presently less than 25 000 lions left in the wild. Sadly, these statistics are not limited to only a few isolated species; this tragic story continues for so many of earth's inhabitants.

All is not lost, however... there is a crack through which light shines through! By acting today and not waiting for an eventual miracle to save our struggling planet, we can stem the flow - we can recover!