Eco-Warriors International (EWI) a South African initiative committed to supporting existing conservation efforts with funding, while simultaneously creating innovative "out of the box" projects to not just stem the flow of poaching, but reverse the flow toward a sustained and thriving natural ecosystem - the way it was intended.

One such potential effort is to engage with the community outside the western boundary of the Umfolozi by offering a free maternity clinic in return for the community adoption a "No Poaching" stance. Another opportunity that exists is to develop a captive breeding program for key animals. On a smaller scale, our plan is to provide an indigenous plant to each of our subscribers each quarter, at no cost to the subscriber, to encourage the renewal of residential areas.

What makes Eco-Warriors International (EWI) so different from traditional agencies is simply that through key partnerships, we are able to give back more than what each subscriber puts in. The whole will be greater than the sum of its parts. By harnessing the power of community we are able to share the rewards with each and every member, and not just with a few key individuals.